Hamster's Living Quarters

Hamster’s Living Quarters

Putting some thought into your hamster’s cage, its contents, and location will make things easier for both of you. Inexpensive starter kits aren’t always your best option. Pay careful attention to the cage you purchase, making sure it offers enough space for your hamster to move and play.

Feeding Your Hamster for a Healthy Life

Hamsters enjoy eating, and will eat things that aren’t necessarily good for their health. Remember that feeding bad foods isn’t going to win you their love, but it may shorten their life. Stick to foods that are recommended for your hamster and chance are better at having a healthy pet.

Feeding Your Hamster for a Healthy Life

You will want to spend some time playing with and snuggling your hamster. Take it slow, get them comfortable with you, and you will have a hamster that is fun to hold and play with. Some hamsters like to crawl around on their people like you are their playground.

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